Christopher Daharsh (B. 1990, Omaha, Nebraska) received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Painting and Art History from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2012. His practice functions as a visual filter to his pedestrian and nomadic experiences in natural and built environments.  He is searching for a level of empathy with his environment through crowd sourced mark making and the slow hand of geological time. Painterly and sculptural composites come into being in the studio tethered to the scaffolding of various forms of pictorial and assemblage traditions, using observations and objects from his excursions in the field, creating a larger, mutated whole.

Christopher has attended a number of residencies, including two yearlong residencies from the Charlotte Street Foundation (Kansas City, Missouri), Art Farm (Marquette, Nebraska), the Factatory (Lyon, France) and will be attending the Hayama Artist Residency in Hayama, Japan in June 2024.  Christopher’s current curatorial practice is reflected in group exhibtions he has organized at Field of Play (Brooklyn) as well as Below Grand (NYC), where he’s currently a curatorial member. Recently Christopher has shown work at Haw Contemporary (Kansas City), the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art (Overland Park, Kansas), Mother (Beacon, NY), Capsule Bikini (Lyon, France), Les Limbes (St. Etienne, France), Field of Play (Brooklyn), Deanna Evans (NYC), New Collectors (NYC), Underdonk (Brooklyn) and Outlet Projects (NYC). He has upcoming shows at My Pet Ram (NYC) and Koki Arts (Tokyo). Christopher currently lives and works in Brooklyn.