My practice in sculpture, painting, drawing and photography functions as a visual filter to my experience in natural and built environments.  Through a process of moving through these places, I pause, observe and take field notes through drawings and photographs.  Making composites of these field notes, creating amalgamations or abstractions of reality in the studio begins to teach me more about these lived experiences.

Clumps of detritus make forms and marks that metastasize across a built landscape, transforming into personifications of internal states.  I am searching for, in these composites, a level of empathy with my environment.  I am searching for a closeness to that reality that examines the closeness to all other things near and far.

Crowd sourced mark making and the slow hand of geological time are utmost on the mind. I am aiming toward a sense of celestial poking and prodding, an investment in learning more about how and why pedestrian and natural and “unnatural” things in this world come into focus.

Christopher Daharsh (B. 1990, Omaha, Nebraska) received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Painting and Art History from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2012. Christopher has attended a number of residencies since then, including two yearlong residencies from the Charlotte Street Foundation (Kansas City, Missouri), Art Farm (Marquette, Nebraska), and the Factatory (Lyon, France). He was a recipient of a public art grant from the Downtown Council of Kansas City in 2015. Christopher’s current curatorial practice is reflected in a group show he organized at Field of Play (Brooklyn) & Below Grand (NYC) and his curatorial membership at there. Recently Christopher has shown work at Haw Contemporary (Kansas City), the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art (Overland Park, Kansas), Mother (Beacon, NY), Ekru Project (Kansas City), Capsule Bikini (Lyon, France), Les Limbes (St. Etienne, France), Field of Play (Brooklyn), Deanna Evans (NYC), New Collectors (NYC), Underdonk (Brooklyn) and Outlet Projects (NYC). Christopher currently lives and works in Brooklyn.