Clumps of detritus make forms and marks that metastasize across a built landscape, transforming into personifications of internal states. They are a material wound, dug into, sutured, and set in a cast, an index of various states of anxiety.  These pieces are release valves for personal inward narratives that are often too complex to verbalize.  The mental tornado of a panic attack spills over the edge of the vessel of verbal language, but visual language takes over as a way to distill, filter and evaluate my emotional environment.

Christopher Daharsh was born in 1990 in Omaha, Nebraska, where he grew up and first explored art as a way to verbalize his thoughts. He received a BFA in Painting and Art History from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2012. While in Kansas City, he received two yearlong residencies from the Charlotte Street Foundation, as well as a grant for a public art project for the Downtown Council of Kansas City. In 2016, Christopher was presented in a two-person exhibition entitled What Remains at Haw Contemporary. In 2018, Christopher constructed an immersive installation for the show Anxious Abstraction at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, and recently presented a solo exhibition at New Gallery in New York City.  In the summer of 2022 he will be attending the Factatory Artist Residency in Lyon, France which will culminate in a solo presentation at Capsule Bikini in Lyon.  Christopher currently lives and works in New York City.